The genuine dishes of typical Tuscan cuisine

The Giglio Rosso dates back to 1928, beginning as a small food business that evolved over the years to become the current four-room restaurant, seating approximately 100.
Our restaurant takes its name from the symbol of Florence: a red lily on a white background.

Diners come here to taste the famous Ribollita Tuscan soup or puree with tomato, the fettuccine with porcini mushrooms or the Pappardella pasta with pork, and many other first courses including the fresh fish that is part of our menu every day; we take great care to ensure its freshness.

The chef recommends

Mozzarella sausage mushroom and pecorino cheese
Ricotta and spinach
Pesto sauce fresh tomato mozzarella and zucchini
Ham mozzarella rucola and parmesan


The Tradition of Good Flavors

The range of delicious Tuscan cold cuts is particularly popular, from the fennel-seed-flavored Finocchiona to the typical Tuscan salami, from the Colonnata lard to the artisanal hand-cut Tuscan prosciutto and many varieties of bruschetta and crostini.

The typical Tuscan cheeses, fresh and cured, give the ability of tasting one of the most beloved products of our region.

The star of the Giglio Rosso is its famous Florentine beefsteak, cooked over coal and cut in front of the diners so they can admire the full process.
The grilled lamb cutlets represent another tasty dish from our kitchen, such as the sliced beef or the typical dishes from our traditions such as the Florentine tripe, Peposo dell’Impruneta (beef stew with pears) or the veal Ossobuco always present on our menu.



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