The real one

The Florentine beefsteak is an approximately 5-6 cm. slice of beef from the loin, with a weight that may vary from 800 grams to 1500 grams.
It seems that the origins of this meat date back to the Di Medici family, which, during the festival of San Lorenzo (August 10) set an enormous bonfire, where large quantities of meat were cooked and then donated to the population.
For a good Florentine steak, the following must be kept in mind:
The meat must be well aged, the firewood must absolutely be of oak or olive and the beefsteak is turned only once without salting it first and without any seasonings; coarsely ground salt is added at the end of cooking.
For a good Florentine beefsteak, it is recommended to use Chianina or Maremmana beef and accompany it with a nice classic Chianti.