Ribollita Soup

Soak the fagioli beans overnight, drain and pour them in a sauce pan along with the seasonings, bring the cavolo nero (kale) to a boil, chop it, and then add it to the sauce pan; sauté it in oil and when it all begins to brown, cover with water and allow it to cook at low heat for about two hours.
Once the beans are cooked, drain half into a frying pan; fry garlic in oil, add the drained beans, season, and pour it all into the soup.
Place a layer of toasted bread slices in a casserole, and pour the soup over it; add more bread slices and more soup, sprinkling it all with grated parmesan.
Remember to coat the bread with a bit of extra virgin olive oil; add the rest of the beans into the casserole and cook it all for about half an hour and then serve immediately, adding a drizzle of oil and pepper.